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Arrows December 30: Date for submission of application for registration as OCI card holder by PIO card holder Extended till 30.06.2017
Arrows September 26: Warning about fake indian visa websites / weblinks ( Bahasa Malaysia, தமிழ் )
Arrows June 22: Closing date for submission of application by PIO card holders for registration as OCI card holders has been extended till 30.12.2016 ( தமிழ் )
Arrows June 9: The last date for submission of application by PIO card holders for registration as Overseas Citizen of India (OCI) card holder is 30.6.2016 ( தமிழ் )
Arrows January 29: All PIO card holders are requested to convert their PIO cards into OCI cards by 31st March, 2016
Arrows November 27: With effect from 30.11.2015 (Monday) the Passports and Consular Services Outsourcing Centre run by M/s BLS will be running from a new address
Arrows November 20: Procedure for processing of applications for registration as OCI cardholder and for OCI Miscellaneous
Arrows August 14: Extension of e-Tourist Visa scheme to 36 more countries (including Malaysia) and 7 more airports from 15th August 2015
Arrows January 30: Overseas Citizen of India (OCI) Card ( Bahasa Malay , தமிழ் )
Arrows January 21: Merger of PIO and OCI Card Schemes (தமிழ் )
Arrows January 12: Clarifications on High Commission's proposal for outsourcing Visa Services
Arrows January 02: General advisories on Indian passports ( Bahasa Malay , தமிழ் )
Arrows December 15: Tender RFP for outsourcing of visa services
Arrows December 15: RFP for outsourcing of visa services
Arrows December 15: Invitation for bids - Outsourcing of Visa Services
Arrows November 27: Tourist Visa-on-arrival Electronic Travel Authorization (TVOA-ETA) scheme launched wef. November 27, 2014 for more than 40 countries. For details, refer to link :
Arrows November 11: Validity of Persons of Indian Origin (PIO) card has been made life-long (தமிழ்)
Arrows August 06: Additional visa outsource centers at Kota Kinabalu, Kuching, and Kuantan from 11.08.2014 ( Bahasa Malay , தமிழ் )
Arrows August 05: New Service Provider for Passport/Other Consular Services from 06.08.2014
Arrows April 28: Seven Additional Visa Outsourcing Centres being opened shortly ( Bahasa Malaysia , தமிழ்)
Arrows April 28: Temporary suspension of biometric requirement till 02.06.2014 for Tourist and Business Visas ( Bahasa Malay , தமிழ்)
Arrows April 10: Temporary arrangement of returning passports/documents by VFS, the outsourced agency

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