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Assistance to undocumented Indians by the High Commission of India(English | Bahasa Malaysia | Tamil)

1. High Commission of India continued its assistance to undocumented Indian nationals following announcement of Operation Bersepadu 6p on January 21, 2014 by Malaysian authorities.  High Commission of India has been taking pro-active steps to contact undocumented Indian nationals, who are currently in various detention centres.  Since January 21, consular team from the High Commission has visited detention camps in KLIA (30.01.14), Semenyih (03.02.14), Pekan Nenas (04.02.14), Bukit Jalil (05.02.14), Juru (05.02.14), Langkap (10.02.14), Putrajaya (11.02.14) Machap Umboo (13.02.14), Lenggeng (17.02.14) and Ajil (17.02.14).

2. During this period, 542 undocumented Indians who were detained in various detention camps were interviewed to facilitate their repatriation and 681 emergency certificates issued, including to those undocumented Indians who were arrested prior to launching of the current enforcement drive.  In addition, 83 Indian nationals who overstayed in Malaysia after expiry of their visas, were facilitated clearance from Malaysian immigration to enable them return to India after completion of formalities with the immigration authorities.

3. In addition to its own arrangements to provide shelter to destitute Indians requiring immediate assistance, the High Commission would like to acknowledge cooperation which it had received from local Indian community for providing temporary shelter to some Indians till they return to India.  High Commission also recognised the facilitation rendered by the concerned Malaysian authorities and immigration, who have provided information and assisted in early repatriation of undocumented Indian nationals in Malaysia.

4. A dedicated ‘Help Desk’ has been set up at the High Commission recently for providing assistance and guidance to Indian nationals who had been approaching us.  The High Commission encourages undocumented Indian nationals to approach High Commission directly so that High Commission is in a position to facilitate with the concerned authorities and assist them.  In addition, to the High Commission’s website [], more details can also be obtained directly from the Labour Wing of the High Commission located at  .

5. The High Commission will continue to provide necessary assistance and guidance to undocumented Indians through visits to various detention camps all over Malaysia and also at the High Commission.

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