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It has come to the notice of the High Commission of India (HCI) that many Indian expatriates working in Malaysia have received calls where the caller has claimed that he is looking after Immigration matters and informing that their personal particulars are incorrect.  He has also demanded the transfer of funds to settle the matter with the local Immigration authority or else they could face deportation.

2. It seems evident that such calls are being made by unscrupulous and criminal elements to extract money from Indian expatriates.  It is therefore advised that when such calls are received, they be ignored and no transfer of money via remittance agencies, banks or payment by cash is made. It is reiterated that as far as any service rendered by the HCI is concerned, the payments have to be made only at the HCI or the designated outsourcing centres by cash or bank draft under proper receipt. Payment made in any other manner will be at the risk of the person concerned

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